What preparation will the easter egg hunt require?


Each easter egg hunt is different, but all have some preparation to be made, props to organize (these are usually things you will have around the house, or can borrow, can be cheaply bought, or I send you to be printed). Some need a little printing some have more, you can print on either a colour or black and white printer, but if you don’t have a colour printer then why not use colour paper!


OK, so if I buy, what if it’s not what I expected?


If you buy, and you are not satisfied with your purchase I will gladly give a full refund.


I only want satisfied customers!


What are your Easter Egg Hunts like?


They are based on clue hunt/treasure hunt ideas the clues, some clues may be rhyming some clues riddles to be worked out, there may be secret signs to follow, picture clues, trails to follow and more. Your guests will search for eggs, but also solve a mystery using different techniques. These easter egg hunts are unique and my own inventions they are all different and I try to give a good description of them on the individual game pages.


If you need to ask which one would be best for your child’s age, sex, number of hunt goers etc. then please ask me I am always glad to advise or help.


I try to make the instructions for the easter egg hunts as easy to understand as I can, as inexpensive as possible for the host, and as exciting and fun for the guests. Yes you really can do it yourself!


These easter egg hunt ideas are different to the normal easter egg hunt; the children will not played these games before, they are unique.


Mysteries appeal to everyone, because we are all inquisitive, curious human beings. The easter egg hunts require the children to use their brains, their imagination is stimulated, but most of all they are FUN.


You will be making treasured memories that your children will always remember.