Once-upon-a-time there was a little girl who wanted to be a princesses and play games and hunt for Easter eggs .  Her mother, the Queen, was too busy with her queenly duties as all mothers are, and wondered how to pull-off such an affair and still stay sane?  The Queen made a wish, and poof, out of thin air this Easter egg hunt idea appeared!

The Princess has eagerly waited the arrival of Easter, she is dressed in their finest princess attire, she has danced and played games and have had such fun, and now it is time for the Princess to sit on her Throne to receive her magnificent Easter Egg from the King and Queen of Fairyland, as she opens up the prettily decorated Easter Egg Box she find, much to her disappointment that the egg is missing, but in it’s place a clue.

She gathers her fairy folk friends to help her follow the clues and find the missing Egg.

A very simple Princess themed Easter Egg Hunt, with minimal preparation needed.
13 Princess Themed clues to find the missing Easter egg hunt around the home
Princess Themed Games
Princess Bingo
Printable props to use in games and hunt