Three Hunts in one—First find the Easter Bunny’s Basket, then find the missing Easter Eggs (inside Hunts), and then the secret code outdoor hunt, who could wish for more!
A straight forward Easter Egg Hunt with rhyming or riddle clues that lead you from one clue to the next to find the lost eggs and to discover who lost them. But wait!
Where has the Easter Bunny’s basket gone?
How can he deliver the eggs without his basket?
This Easter there is a letter from the Easter Bunny asking for your kids to help him find his lost basket, then when the basket is found it’s time to find their Easter Eggs that were in the basket.
This Egg Hunt is designed to play indoors at home with 16 indoor clues + 6 to find the missing basket, if you add the secret code outside hunt, you have the perfect Easter Egg Hunt, but you will need to find the Bunny’s basket first!!!
I’ve included picture clues for the younger players and more difficult riddles for the older players. There is a secret code outside hunt which is optional (so if the weather is bad you can skip it). It’s lots of fun and should keep them busy for quite a while!


Note from Easter Bunny x 2
16 Easter Egg Hunt Clues + 6 Basket Hunt Clues
Outdoor Secret Sign Hunt
Picture Sheet Clues


Chocolate Eggs
Name tags for Eggs (if there is more than one person playing – so you know who the eggs belong to—optional)