Who kidnapped the Easter Bunny is an easy to organise, fun game, I played this kind of game with my kids when they were young, and they wanted it year after year after year, if your kids don’t think this is the best Easter Game Ever, then I will eat my Easter Bonnet!

It’s the Easter weekend, all is well, but suddenly there is a ring on the doorbell, a brown envelope is pushed through the letterbox, addressed to your kids. Inside the envelope is a ransom note:

“I have kidnapped the Easter Bunny - If you want to see him again you must collect all the eggs he has hidden and give them to me - if you don’t the Bunny Gets It!”

Also inside the envelope is a note asking for help from the Easter Bunny, and a Nursery Rhyme booklet to help them solve some of the clues.

The children must follow a string of clues, solve riddles and follow a trail to find Easter eggs hidden around the house and garden, and eventually find out who did it.
and make an event of it.


Host Guide (all you need to know for a great Easter Egg Hunt)
Ransom Note
Easter Bunnies Note
Nursery Rhyme Booklet
16 Clues
Solution (Newspaper Article)
Alternative ending—because you just don’t want the fun to end!


Chocolate Eggs
Name tags for Final Egg Treasure (if there is more than one person playing – so you know who the eggs belong to—optional)
Silver paper for leaving a trail
A Fresh Egg
A Soft Toy Bunny (for alternative ending)