What our Customers had to say about the game:

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I purchased the Easter Egg Hunt to use at school with a class of Year 2 children (aged 6 -7 years).  The ransom note fired the children's imagination and all were keen to discover who might have kidnapped the bunny. ( A few were concerned whether we too may be kidnapped, but this helped me convince the children they should work in groups and not wander off!!!)  The class had a great time playing the game and even when we'd completed the activity were on a high!  I might be guilty of adding to this as the next day I positioned a small humpty dumpty over the class door and they were alarmed to see him back.  "Crack him, crack him" were yelled by all. 


A superb resource, able to deliver a creative curriculum, combining Literacy, Numeracy and Geography skills as well as team building and PSHE.  This will now be an annual event, though all the other classes want to join in too! Thanks for your great ideas.  I'll certainly be looking out for Who Killed Santa.  Using the alternative ending for my daughter's party tomorrow! -  Catherine


Hi, I expect you have had or will have many e-mails this week about the Easter egg hunt game. I just wanted to say thank you very much as it provided hours of fun for us on Sunday. Everyone absolutely loved it including the adults !!! I am going to put you in my favourite sellers in case I need another game in the future. Thank you for helping to make a really fantastic easter. Regards Moira


hi ya just to let you know how your egg hunt went with my family a huge success. I have done my own clues for the past 7 years so I was running out fast I had decided to take the best from each year for this years hunt until I came across yours it went really well I had an older nephew who felt he was perhaps to old for the hunt this year but was able to join in as I had said it was a little more tricky this year and he would be needed if the younger ones couldn't get the clues which proved right. but there were also clues for the younger ones so thank you I expect I shall be back for another one soon. Lin


Hi just to say thanks for a brilliant easter hunt, the kids loved it and so did the adults. A fantastic day was had by all. Kindest Regards Kerry Just wanted to let you know that we did the Easter Egg hunt on Sunday and it was superb - the kids really enjoyed it.  Great fun, well thought out. Thank you so much. Regards Neil Reynolds


had a ball with the egg hunt, the eggy remains were a huge hit and i'm still being asked when's the next one i'll be in touch soon to purchase another hunt, i've 2 birthdays coming up and i hold a halloween party each yr so will def be looking for something for that. i can't praise ur hunt enough even the adults got a kick out of it. kindest regards Shannon



HI I bought your Easter Egg Hunt last year (Who kidnapped the Easter Bunny?) and I used most of your ideas and then added a few myself to suit our house and garden.

It was great fun, the 3 kids loved it and the adults were quite jealous that they could not join in so hopefully the quiz this year will be interesting. I attach a few photos from last year I just bought your 2010 Easter Egg hunt so am just starting to read it properly but I am sure it will be just as fun. Kind regards Ulla